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The coin-op 25/40x100 uses the same straight-through 25x/40x turrets as 25/40x100 standard. But, two features differentiate it from the other ones of 100mm family:

1) It is pier-mounted, and meant to be mounted permanently in the public places like parks with splendid views. In fact, if you come to China, you can see it in almost every major parks and scenic spots. 

2) It has an anti-theft coin-op box for commercial use. But, if some users just want to have it permanently mounted outdoor for their own use, the coin-op mechanism can be disabled.

It is heavy, the total gross weight of the whole package is 101 kilograms! But, they still look wonderful, a "beautiful monster" as commented by the users.

Objective size 100mm
Magnification 25x and 40x
Ocular straight-through turret
Body covering & color  painted, silver or champagne finish 
Prism BAK4
Optic coating Broadband fully multi-coated
Field of view at 1000m 25x-44mm.  
Exit pupil diameter 25x-4mm  
Exit pupil distance 25x-14mm  
Focal length 597mm
Inter-pupil distance 58-80mm
Finderscope N/A
N2 gas fill Yes
Range of altitude Max. 45 degree
Height of whole binoculars 1.6m
Net weight of body   16 kgs
Gross weight of body 20 kgs
Outside carton dimension for body 69x37x40 cm
Net weight of pier (including coin-op mechanism)   42 kgs (yes, they are made of steel)
Height of pier 1.1 m
Gross weight of pier 47 kgs
Outside carton dimension for pier 120x31x32 cm
Net weight of pedestal 21 kgs
Gross weight of pedestal 29 kgs
Outside carton dimension for pedestal 71x55x20 cm
Gross weight for whole package (including accessories like charger, lithium battery, screw drivers, etc.)   กก101 kgs


Lithium battery and charger

Other 100mm giant binoculars models available are: 25/40x100 painted, 25/62x100 helical focuser, 25/40x100 standard, 25x100 FB and 22x100 astronomical.

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