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1. Inquiry and quotation
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2. Freight/quantity optimization
3. Homework at your end
3.1 Set up an import business
3.2 Conduct market research
4. How to make payments
4.1 T/T payment in advance
4.2 Letter of credit
4.3 D/P (document against payment)
6. Freight forwarder and customs broker
6.1 What does a freight forwarder do?
6.2 What does a customs broker do?
7. Samples ordering policy
8. Import documentation and general customs clearance procedure tips
8.1 Documentation
8.2 General customs clearance tips
9. How to deal with defective binoculars
9.1 Factory Warranty
9.2 If it's not our fault, who is "guilty"?
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10.Launch your business online

5. Turn-around time

Our turn-around time covers from getting the payment (or payment notice), processing the order (or activate the production),  going through the export formalities, to transporting the shipment to your destination air/sea ports.  For the different models of binoculars and telescopes, due to the different order quantity, and by the different ways of transportation to the different cities or countries, the turn-around time is different.  Usually, the turn-around time (or you may call it delivery time) is equal to production time plus shipping time.  

5.1 Production time
5.2 Shipping time

5.1.  Production time  

Order quantity  Production time
Samples (1-4 pieces for each model) In stock for immediate shipping (mostly)
5-500 pieces for each model 10-18 days
501-2,000 pieces for each model 25-45 days
2,000 pieces up 25-90 days

Production Time Update: Since 2009, we've had to do our best to control cost down.  We've to accumulate enough small orders to activate a production run and so the production time for some models are now longer than the above listed.  Please email to get the most updated info on the models you're interested in.

5.2. Shipping time

Destination air/sea ports Shipping time
By air By sea
U.S. major air/sea ports 3-6 days 30-40 days
Canadian major air/sea ports 3-7 days 30-45 days
European Community countries Cities A 3-5 days 30-40 days
Cities B 3-5 days 30-40 days
Cities C 3-6 days 30-45 days
Cities D 3-7 days 30-45 days
Australia/New Zealand major air/sea ports 3-5 days 20-30 days
Singapore, South Korea 1-2 days 7-14 days
South Africa 4-8 days 35-45 days

Remark: If wooden pallets are used for sea shipment, 3-4 more days are needed to get through fumigation.

U.S. major air/sea ports: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Denver,

Canadian major air/sea ports: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary

European communities:

Cities A: Paris, Hamburg, Munich, Bremen, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Madrid, Milan, Rome, , Manchester, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Oslo, Barcelona, Turin

Cities B: Geneva, Istanbul, Venice, Athens, Brussels, D┨sseldorf, Nice, Stockholm, Copenhagen

Cities C: Dublin, Glasgow, Nantes, Vienna.

Cities D: Antwerp, Rotterdam, Birmingham, Bristol, Köln..

Australia & New Zealand major air/sea ports: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland,

Singapore: Singapore City

South Korea: Seoul

South Africa: Cape town, Johannesburg

If your business is not based in the above cities, our freight forwarder can arrange the inland transportation by air, by train or cartage to your city.  And either you or a customs broker who work with you go to the air/sea port to clear the customs, pick up, and deliver the shipment to your door.   

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