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1. Inquiry and quotation
1.1 Initial contact
1.2   Inquiry
1.3 Customized branding
2. Freight/quantity optimization
3. Homework at your end
3.1 Set up an import business
3.2 Conduct market research
4. How to make payments
4.1 T/T payment in advance
4.2 Letter of credit
4.3 D/P (document against payment)
5. Turn-around time
5.1 Production time
5.2 Shipping time
6. Freight forwarder and customs broker
6.1 What does a freight forwarder do?
6.2 What does a customs broker do?
7. Samples ordering policy
8. Import documentation and general customs clearance procedure tips
8.1 Documentation
8.2 General customs clearance tips
9. How to deal with defective binoculars
9.1 Factory Warranty
9.2 If it's not our fault, who is "guilty"?
9.3 Plan A
9.4 Plan B

10. Launch your business online

Few manufacturers want to work with start-up web sites, but we do. We believe that an online store benefits the consumers in several ways:

1) Without the physical binoculars and telescopes exhibition room or store, the operating cost is much lower, and large part of the savings go to the consumers.

2) Even the consumers in remote areas can now easily buy the binoculars and telescopes.

3) The start-up web sites are usually small business, and backed up by us, they are more willing to satisfy the personalized demands of the consumers.

4) Factory to online stores to consumers Vs factory to multiple levels of distribution to physical retail stores to consumers-you got the idea.

Of course, setting up internet presence is not a must. But, if you plan to go online, we want to share with you some experiences:

1) Find a niche. Satisfy everyone, satisfy no one. Or as Chinese Taoist Laozi says: less is more.

2) Determine your keywords. Think about what search terms your targeted audience will use to find you.

3) Think about what your strength and weakness are. Think about how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering more value to your targeted customers-you've got to be innovative.

4) Prepare the contents that are both related to the binoculars and telescopes you sell and have search engine friendliness and consistency.

5) You may have a web developer set up the web sites for you or you may do it by yourself.

6) Register your domain name with your most important keywords included.

7) Publish your site and get it listed into the search engines and directory.

8) Web marketing stage:

a) Ask for links with the sites that are related to your product line.
b) Get your binoculars and telescopes reviewed by the specialists who publish their reviews on their web sites.
c) Join in the forums, BBS, mailing lists or user's groups that are related to your product line.
d) Make the site serve as a base for your offline advertising campaigns: have your site name exposed on name card, letterhead, local press release, exhibition, or the review articles on the renowned magazines like Sky and Telescopes.
f) Make full use of Web2.0.

9) Set up by yourself a program that tracks your inventory, income and expenses.

10) Stick to your vision, work hard and never give up. Stay alive longer enough, then who knows what will happen in the future - Could Bezos know what his business would become of when he started in his parents' garage (so we've heard of this in China)?

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