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About us

กค Start-up and expansion was started in 1998 as an online wholesale distribution center for the binoculars and telescopes made in China. We differentiate ourselves in two ways of thinking:

1) We first find out the most experience staff, let them look for the best binoculars and telescopes manufactured all over the established optical factories in China, and then we choose the binoculars and telescopes models that are the most cost-effective.

Result: it has been proved that all the binoculars, telescopes, monocular and spotting scopes listed in our catalogue are competitive winner-products in the markets all around the world.

2) We should pay more attention to the small business, even the home-based business for they're more adapted to specific niche markets, and due to the less levels of distribution and lower operation cost, they sell directly to the consumers at much lower price. Working with them, we can "fight our way out of the heavy encirclement of big guys".

Result: Small business or even home-based business that are working with us have been expanding rapidly. We will be happy to continue to grow up with them.

As we move on, we find we are facing up with the new challenges:

1) We must keep up with the ever larger order from our fast-growing customers in terms of the delivery time and quality consistency ;
2) Our product lines must be upgraded to be better adapted to the optical market trends;
3) We must lower down our prices further and become more competitive.

All of these boils down to one fact: we need our factory where we can produce more quality binoculars and telescopes in a timely manner, offer them to our customers at better prices, and develop the new binoculars and telescopes models that meet the specific interests of different niche markets.

กค Put money into the factories

We began to put money into the factories which manufactures the products for us.  So far, we've been able to control or partly own 2 factories which specialize in different stages of binoculars production ranging from optical glasses processing, coating, mechanical fittings processing, tooling, assembling and packaging.  

These factories are all based in Kunming, Yunnan Province in the southwest of China. Kunming is China's production and export base for binoculars, telescopes and other optical instruments. There are a number of state-owned factories in Kunming which used to only produce for military use. After transition to market economy, a lot of experienced engineers and sales staff just leave these state-owned factories and start their own private optical instruments factories.,

These privately-owned factories inherit all the asset of state-owned factories: the rich experiences in optics industry for more than 40 years, rigid quality control system, highly-skilled low-cost human resources, and all the used-to-be-only-for-army binoculars models-now totally oriented for civilian market.

กค What we believe

We offer very cost-effective binoculars and we do business with our customers in a friendly way. For these two reasons, we outlast many competitors.

One principle by which we develop and carry the binoculars is value and affordable. We don't manufacture or carry very low price "junk" binoculars as they have little value to customers. On the other hand, we don't believe very high price products which have low cost performance.

We're good at working with our customers in a friendly way and some of our customers have been doing business with us for more than 10 years. Among us, we even develop an authentic friendship. In bad times, we do try to help each other.

We have outlived many others and we have great confidence in going on doing business in the next 10 years - no matter whatever ups and downs there will be in the future.


Our web site has been running since 1998.   However, it can't adapt to our needs to update it frequently anymore.  And, we find it actually takes less efforts to build a new site than to modify it.

At the same time, we'll not update anymore.  To get the latest info about our products and us, please visit  The will still be running for a while.  After it gains the popularity later, will replace completely.

An overview of the assembly line

Pivot assembly

Prism alignment

Eyepieces alignment


Quality control


N2 gas filler

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