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80mm standard and lightweight (the longer one as shown in the pic.) binoculars are basically 15x70, but with 80mm objectives. The lightweight 80mm are in the exact same style of 15x70: rubberized body, the same Bak-4 prism and full broadband multi-coatings. 80mm  lightweight are much lighter in weight (standard 2.0 kg, lightweight 1.8 kg) than the 80mm binoculars made by Japanese or German manufacturers, and so some people may find they can even handhold it  for some time in the daylight.  Starting 2004, the 80mm standard has been upgraded to triplet objective (three-element objective) and then it has a center post with higned rings.  The triplet objective can improve the sharpness and color correction.  Just as 15x70, Chinese 80mm triplet and lightweight binoculars represent the great value: high quality and unbeatable price. 

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Objective size 80mm
Magnification Options of 11x, 20x, 25x
Prism BAK4
Optic coating Broadband fully multi-coated or broadband multi-coated on objectives
Long eyes relief Yes
Body Length กก80mm triplet: 33 cm
80mm lightweight: 38 cm 
Body coverings Rubberized
Field of view


Exit pupil diameter 20x-4mm
Exit pupil distance 20x-19mm
Minimum focus distance 20x-15m
Net weight 80mm triplet:  2.7 kg
80mm lightweight: 1.8 kg (only 0.2 kg heavier than 15x70)
Packing 80mm triplet: black hard case
80mm lightweight: green soft case

80mm triplet

80mm lightweight

80mm lightweight nylon case

Other 80mm giant binoculars models available are:  45 degree BT80.

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