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Chinese giant binoculars, or termed as "observation binoculars" by European users, are available from 56mm to 100mm objective lens. Most of Chinese giant binoculars, like 100mm, used to be only for the army until 1988 when the giant binoculars were first exported for civilian use. 

Since then, due to the public demand around the world, improvements have been made in optical and body design and more "user-friendly" giant binoculars are manufactured, like 15x70, 20x80 triplet and lightweight, 22x100 astronomical, 25x100 FB, 25/40x100 painted version, 25/62 helical focuser version and our newest 45 degree BT100 on fork mount and 45 degree BT80. At the same time, you still can see some military features from these giant binoculars, like the mil-spec. full broadband multi-coating with color coined as "China green" by the users worldwide, and the heavy "army-green" metal case for 25/40x100 standard

Giant binoculars are a must for long-range terrestrial observations because you can see much brighter and sharper image in greater details with a giant binoculars. Now days, some people prefer to use big (or bigger) binoculars for astronomy as the use of both eyes is more comfortable than using a telescope. 

กก List of giant binoculars (click the model name for more info on each model)
  • 100mm giant binoculars
Models Sales code Remarks
25/40x100 standard  giant2540A Straight-through turrets with interchangeable 25x and 40x eyepieces, rubberized body
25/40x100 painted version giant2540b

Straight-through turrets with interchangeable 25x and 40x eyepieces, painted body

25/62x100 helical focuser version giant2562 1.25" helical focuser on which all the 1.25" eyepieces can be used, including two pairs of eyepieces: 25x (24.43mm) and 62x (10mm)
45 deg. BT100  giantQ45BT 45 degree ocular, no proprietary 1.25" focuser, fork mount
25/40x100 coin-operated version giant2540c Pier mounted, with a coin-op box
25x100 FB 25100FB Newest desgin
22x100 astronomical 22100AM Newest design
  • 90mm giant binoculars 20x90
  • 80mm giant binoculars
45 degree BT80 giantQ4580
20x80 triplet giant2080B

20x80 lightweight

  • 70mm giant binoculars
15x70 giant1570
11x70 giant1170
12-36x70 zoom123670
  • 60mm giant binoculars
8x60 giant0860
9x60 giant0960
12x60 giant1260
15x60 giant1560
20x60 giant2060
30x60 giant3060
10-30x60 zoom103060
  • 56mm
11x56 giant1156
8x56 giant0856

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