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1. Inquiry and quotation
1.1 Initial contact
1.2   Inquiry
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2. Freight/quantity optimization
3. Homework at your end
3.1 Set up an import business
3.2 Conduct market research
4. How to make payments
4.1 T/T payment in advance
4.2 Letter of credit
4.3 D/P (document against payment)
5. Turn-around time
5.1 Production time
5.2 Shipping time
6. Freight forwarder and customs broker
6.1 What does a freight forwarder do?
6.2 What does a customs broker do?
8. Import documentation and general customs clearance procedure tips
8.1 Documentation
8.2 General customs clearance tips
9. How to deal with defective binoculars
9.1 Factory Warranty
9.2 If it's not our fault, who is "guilty"?
9.3 Plan A
9.4 Plan B
10.Launch your business online

7. Samples ordering

To the new customers

The new customers will have to pay for the samples.

To the customers who have had long-standing relationships with us

All samples are totally free except some binoculars models with higher prices, such as 8x42 waterproof binoculars, 20x80 giant binoculars. And they're sure to get very favorable discounts. Furthermore, if we ever decide to add new binoculars models, we'll send free samples to them.

Shipping samples

, For the samples weighing less than 10 kgs

Express mail services like UPS, DHL and FedEx will be used.  For your info, the express mail services cost in China is: 

USD 20$ for the first 0.5 kg, then USD 7.5$ is added to the every 0.5 kg. For example, if the samples weigh 5 kg, then the freight cost is: 20+(4.5/0.5)x7.5=USD 87.5$

With the express mail services, the samples will be delivered to your door-you don't have to worry about the customs clearance and airport pick up anymore.

, For the samples weighing 11-45 kgs

Air transportation will be used. For the shipment under 45 kgs, the air freight rate is USD 10$/kg. And you've to pay USD 30$ for the export customs clearance. With air transportation, the shipment will only be delivered to the airport that is most convenient for you to pick up.

, For the samples weighing more than 45 kgs

The same as above except that the air freight rate is USD 3.0-4.5$/kg

The freight cost for samples shipment is much higher than that of quantity order shipment. And, although we try our best to pack the samples, the samples shipments are usually lack of packing protection measures taken for the quantity shipments, they could be out of collimation sometimes. So, you'd better make the samples shipment more than 45 kgs and use a pallet, though it cost you more. As Chinese always says, everything's hard in the beginning.

A tip is that you may concentrate on one or two models for the first samples ordering, and have the samples shipped by express mail services. Then, if you decide to place the quantity order on the binoculars samples you're satisfied with after inspection, you can add the other binoculars models that are interested to you to be shipped with your quantity shipment, and it saves you a lot of samples shipping cost.

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