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Golf scope/monocular

Kunming Optical Instruments Company Limited is a business-to-business company that specializes in the manufacture and supply of binoculars of all sizes. It integrates the research, development, manufacture, marketing and exporting of binoculars and telescopes made in China.  It connects the manufacturing strength and quality of Chinese optical production with on-line marketing and international trade expertise. 

With rich experience in the optics industry, low-cost but skilled  optical workers and engineers, and the same rigid quality control  system that governed the production of top army-grade binoculars, Chinese optical manufacturers are now producing high quality binoculars and telescopes at low cost for civilian markets worldwide.   However, owing to multi-level distribution systems, most Chinese binoculars and telescopes are still sold at inflated prices on the international market.

Kunming Optical now partly owns several major manufacturers. With its online marketing operation and its focus on small optics business outlets such as regional dealers, optics shops, specialized camera stores, and even home-based online optics retail stores, Kunming Optical now can offer the high cost performance binoculars ranging from mini folding size like 8x25 to giant size like BT 150.

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